A world where everyone enjoys equal opportunity to thrive.

We dream of a world where "what you know" has far more importance than "who you know". A world where everyone is given the best possible start in life, regardless of who their parents are or their individual circumstances. A place where you're not discriminated against from the moment you're born for having working-class parents instead of millionaires.

Life is about you and what you do with it, not what your parents have done.

Our vision for Great Britain is a country that has:

  • A single, extremely high-quality education system available to everyone: free of charge. No more discrimination between state and public schools.
  • A monetary system that is under public control with accountable officials leading the country's banks. No more private shareholders holding sway over the fundamental basis of our economy.
  • A Millionaire Estate Tax: you can inherit up to £1,000,000. Anything over that amount is taxed at 100% and used to fund social services such as the NHS.
  • A debt cancellation policy. We're swimming in debt. How much of it is even legitimate? We pay billions a year in interest payments because we keep borrowing and borrowing from banks to pay our existing debt. They get bailed out while millions of us descend into poverty and despair. The people deserve their own bailout.
  • A public lobby composed of experts in their fields of expertise, who pressure Parliament to act in the interests of the People and not those of a shadowy global cartel who are only interested in sucking wealth from your pocket into theirs.

The Five Meritocratic Principles

People Before Profit

People are the most important element in a Meritocratic Democracy. They come before profit and other abstract factors. The equation to remember is: People > Profit.

Equal Opportunities

There can be no meritocracy without equal opportunities. Otherwise the people at the top hoard the best opportunities for their friends and family, instead of opening them up for everyone.

Rewarding Merit

Work that improves society should be well-compensated. We are not communists. Talent, innovation and hard-work should be rewarded, provided those rewards are never excessive.

Social Capitalism

The microstructure of the economy—businesses and freelancers—remains private, while the macrostructure—central banks, commercial banks and large financial institutions—are controlled by publicly accountable officials.

Intelligent Government

Policies should be about "what works" and "what doesn't work" instead of "who's right" and "who's wrong". We want to see an intelligent government that adheres to the Meritocratic Principles and that uses the scientific method to guide them instead of moralising about what's "correct". Observe, hypothesise, experiment, analyse and reach a conclusion. That's the method we need to use to deliver a system where everyone wins.