The UK Meritocracy Party is dedicated to transforming Britain into a country that delivers Equal Opportunity for Every Child to thrive and prosper to the greatest extent of their individual talent and ambition.

We're sick and tired of being second-class citizens in this two-tier society. The UK is one of the worst countries in the world in terms of social mobility. We suffer from this by having incompetent, corrupt and selfish leaders who are only out for themselves.

We're here to change that. Democracy needs to upgrade to Meritocratic Democracy. Our leaders should be experts in their fields of expertise. People who know what they're talking about and who don't just parrot what a billionaire told them to say.

We believe your hard-work and talent should take you as far as possible and not who your parents were or how good they were at making money and the "right" social connections.

Support us if you:

  • Believe in Equal Opportunity for Every Child as a fundamental human right
  • Believe the most talented people should rise to the top, regardless of their background
  • Believe the People should control the money supply and not the banks
  • Believe in hard-work, talent and entrepreneurship
  • Believe we should end the global elite interfering in affairs that affect the UK and the world


Latest News

UKMP Website Goes Live

Our website is now live and we want to thank Diarmuid Russell for coming up with the current design. The site is fully responsive and is geared toward promoting our message and getting people involved. You can now join the UK Meritocracy Party, volunteer and even donate!

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Launch of the UK Meritocracy Party

We're pleased to announce that the UK Meritocracy Party is now official! The Electoral Commission has authorised our application and we're now able to field candidates to stand in UK elections.

Will you fight for Equal Opportunity for Every Child?

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