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Joining the UKMP is an important step forward in your commitment to achieving Equal Opportunity for Every Child. By becoming a party member you're declaring yourself to be a meritocrat, someone who values knowledge and experience over nepotism, cronyism and money. You're in favour of nationalising the banks, cancelling illegitimate debt, implementing the Millionaire Estate Tax and putting qualified people into Parliament.

By applying for membership of the UKMP, you agree to abide by the UKMP Constitution and the Party Rules. You recognise that the UKMP reserves the right to reject applications or to terminate membership if these criteria are not met.

Please make sure you fill out all the details accurately.

Important: Please note that you must be a UK resident and/or citizen to become a Party Member. If you're a non-UK resident/citizen and would still like to show your support toward the Party, then please consider becoming an International Supporter. Thank you!