The Challenge

We are faced on a global scale with inequality, corruption, poverty, hunger, disease and war. A lot of people will either tell you that the world has and always will be a mess. They'll argue that there's no point in doing anything about it. That's where we disagree!

Why do we disagree?

Because we know what the root cause of these problems is. It's the greed of a small cabal of privileged and wealthy families that dominate our political, economic and social systems. We call them the Greedy Cabal. They're interested in nothing else than furthering their own power, wealth and influence. They transfer that power down generation after generation through inheritance.

There's no sinister conspiracy involved. They do it right in front of our faces.

From Oxfam

Almost half of the world’s wealth is now owned by just one percent of the population.

Policies successfully imposed by the rich in recent decades include financial deregulation, tax havens and secrecy, anti-competitive business practice, lower tax rates on high incomes and investments and cuts or underinvestment in public services for the majority.

Globally, the richest individuals and companies hide trillions of dollars away from the tax man in a web of tax havens around the world. It is estimated that $21 trillion is held unrecorded and off-shore.

These people are the problem. They are skilled manipulators who rig the game in their favour at every step of the way. They bribe, threaten and coerce our politicians to do their bidding, which creates a vicious cycle where they gain ever more power thanks to "favourable legislation", which in turn lets them push for even more "favourable legislation" (for them, of course, not for anyone else).

Nobody in the Greedy Cabal is elected. They are born into privilege, go to private schools, clubs and universities. They mix and mingle with other members of the Cabal and split up the best jobs between them. It's nauseating.

We are sick and tired of being second-class citizens in this two-tier society. We are going to put an end to the rule by the Greedy Cabal. They are leading us into the abyss. We need a different type of world, one where everyone has equal opportunity to thrive to the greatest extent of their individual talent and determination. A world where the most knowledgeable from among us decide on policy that furthers the public interest, instead of a private, unelected and unaccountable elite furthering their own agenda through our politicians.

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